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Reality-stars: A short conclusion
sa_pagan wrote in subculture2010
As you have seen, we have not presented extensive research results trying to comprehend all those who have taken part of these shows. Instead we have chose a few exemplary individuals who represent (as we feel) best the contradictions concerning the relationship between their life and the „reality-tv-subculture”. It is clear that this subculture cannot be viewed as constituted from the inside: as a creation of individuals sharing common values, beliefs, signification-systems – in this respect reality-stars are not a subculture. But constituted from the outside, by the media, using a process of naming and description, creates a kind of common denominator, against which all of these individuals are described and compared. In this respect we feel that it is possible to delimit reality-stars as a subculture. Gabriel Kubjas simply cannot be everything and do everything ( – he is inevitably regardes as Gabriel of Farm. So, whether they like it or not, of course if they want to be known in public (because there are individuals that are not in the media focus and so can live as not „belonging” to this subculture), the reality-tv-stars remain involved with this title, this scandal-looking public eye defining their activities. It is then not simply a matter of wanting to belong to a culture, the cultural space is created and it needs individuals to fill it; it is impossible to just say that „I’m out” – a common space is created from the outside, by the media. To step out would have to mean to not say anything – to live out of focus.

Ott Puumeister / Tiiu Tali

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Thank you very much for your interesting investigation and conclusions. I hope it was a fun for you as well:)

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